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Online Privacy…is that an oxymoron?

Should anyone ever really have a sense of privacy once they hop on the internet.  Most people have no clue what, technologically speaking, happens to their data as it leaves their computer to some remote server somewhere. My philosophy is that any data transmitted over the internet is flat out not private.  There are so […]

Mobile Media, Dataveillance, & CryptoSMS

Yesterday, there was a great lecture at The Change You Want To See Gallery in Brooklyn, NY about mobile media, dataveillance.  The focus was SMS, or Short Message Service, for the uninitiated, also known as texts.  You can read more about the lecture here. Sms’s are much easier to surveil than phone conversations as the […]

Freedom, Censorship, and the Internet

In a recent article on March 28th, the WSJ reports on the scope of censorship software produced by American companies that is used by sovereignties in the Middle East to block access to sites which contain content deemed objectionable.  The content in question could be cultural in nature or it could be political.   Should […]

Hey Google, Where’s Tibet?

(photo courtesy: For some reason, I always get the geography of Tibet and Nepal confused…I know I know…so to clear the confusion, I went on Google Maps to at least see where each is located.  Nepal, easy, right north of India.  Tibet…pulls up Xizang, China.  Hey, what’s going on here? Ok, so technically(well, militarily), […]

Dependency on 3rd Party Services: NO

While updating the website for the Northwest Bronx Coalition, we realized some old pages had some embedded video from youtube and other media providers like ABC.  One of these videos had been taken offline by that particular provider.  This was very frustrating as this particular video really showcased how the mainstream media had picked up […]


The value of the hashtag: NetSquared Conference: - T4P helped out during NetSquared earlier this year by live tweeting and live video blogging.  At the time, I was a fairly new twitter user.  I had to somehow figure out what the heck RT stood for.  After getting familiar with the interface and the workflow, I began to […]


CryptoSMS: Encrypt your sms messages – requires both sender and receiver use cryptosms. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it

Web 2.0 in Developing Countries

The NYTimes ran an article this morning: In Developing Countries, Web Grows Without Profit And discusses how developing countries are “hungry for content” but do not contribute much to revenues.  They call this the International Paradox.  While developing countries are increasing traffic on the web, individual users are still on low bandwidth connections.  This combined […]

Twitter, WordPress in Iraq

Cnn ran an article this morning about executives from various social media organizations, Twitter, WordPress, etc, as well as heavy weights like Google, AT&T, and Yahoo traveling to Iraq and trying to figure out ways to help “democratize” Iraq. From the article: The delegation is meeting with officials from public and private sectors in […]