Saving the world bit by bit


TechForProgress is a grassroots organization founded in 2009 with the vision to enable people, communities, and nations to empower themselves using technology as a tool to aid in this effort.  We do not believe technology should replace traditional forms of activism and organizing but should be used to enhance them.  TechForProgress focuses in the use of the internet and social media to accomplish its goals but is by no means limited by this.

Also, while recognizing that certain technologies can be used for harm and the detriment of the world and its global citizens, we do not believe in restrictions on technology.  We believe in the opening of standards, protocols, patents, software, and licenses for all to share in the collective mind and free flowing of ideas and information.  However, we do support intellectual property rights, within reason.

As well, wherever possible, TechForProgress strives to use FLOSS software, but recognizes in certain cases that the proprietary option may be better to achieve a particular goal.  This might sound contrary, but as a general philosophical principle, we believe in balance, not extremes.  If we have to choose between achieving a goal and maintaining a philosophical standard in our methodology, we will choose the goal.