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Sustainably Social: How festivals on the west coast green their party


At TechForProgress, while we believe in sustainable use of energy and resources, we don’t believe this should come at the expense of modern conveniences.  We should enjoy our lives, albeit consciously.  In that effort, this summer, TechForProgress will be traveling throughout the west coast of the U.S. to assess the state of affairs on the use of sustainable technology in fairs, concerts, and festivals.  Several years ago, TechForProgress partnered with CleanVibes to ensure that vendors used recyclable and compostable materials; as well, we implemented multi-use refuse stations where volunteers educated and directed participants on how to deal with their trash.  Clever ideas in refuse management is certainly something we’re hoping to see, along with clever ways to power sound stages and lighting rigs, as well as participant education.

One of the first large scale festivals we’ll be visiting is Lighting in a Bottle.  They are tackling sustainability on 3 fronts: water, energy, and education.  We’ll go into detail in a later post, but we’re particularly interested in learning about the success of their water initiatives.  They ban plastic bottles and offer free water via water filtration stations.  As well, they use gray water from showers to limit dust by spraying it on the ground.  We’ll investigate how exactly this is done and the steps they take to address chemical contaminants from going into the ground and local water supply.

See you out there.

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